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Private water for marble trout

Lake Como Fishing offers a full range of fishing trips to suit every angler's preference.

Whether it’s a classic river trip or a half-day trip with the family, we have something for every angler. Our fishing trips are instructional based for beginner and advanced anglers alike. Our professional guide staff is patient, courteous and above all they want you to enjoy your time on the water.


The hunt for the Marble trout is considered the apex of fishing in Italy, it is a difficult fish a true showdown of mastering and honing in on your skillset. Our Guides have over 20 years of experience hunting these fish and will help and instruct you accordingly to make the most of your day on this gin-clear river.


 Our package is an overnight stay in a valley that we only give away the location once booked. It is close to both Milan and Bergamo and home to these monsters. Your private water trip is based on two nights and one day fishing but can be extended contact us to customize it!

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Private water - marble trout

Hunt for Italy's finest creature the prestigious Marble Trout

Italy is home to this beautiful and highly predatory Trout species  the Salmo Marmuratus or Marble Trout. This trout species is revered in Italy for its difficulty to catch, it's aggressive takes, power, and beauty. She is the Feretti, the mungusta, the Lamborghini of trout in our waters

gin clear water bring anglers from around the world travel to test wits with these selective trout. As private waters they are often booked years in advance, but due to our relationship with these landowners we have a number prime summertime rods available.