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Lake Como & Fishing in Italy after Covid-19

No doubt Italy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 epidemic, Like most countries people have been battling to stop the virus, essential workers have risked their lives, and so many fishermen have put their favourite hobby on hold for the safety of other.

Having the population on lockdown has had a few benefits to the rivers. Factories have shut down for a while allowing the water to be clearer, insect and fish life to thrive in places that you would have thought would never see life again. Thanks to the lockdown it would seem wary fish are now beginning to show themselves and let's just say the fishing has been nothing short of superb!

Walter Grava, Whieldon Fly Fishing Pro Staff says "Thanks to all the efforts of the UPS and local fishermen we have seen a superb comeback of our beloved Marble Trout, having them do some huge takes on streamers and nymphs on small pocket waters is nothing short of Insane."

Since the protected species act was passed for Marble Trout in Valtellina we have seen a steady but progressive rise in the population, and not just didies we are talking big lunkers, they are back and vary much here to stay. This puts Italy back on the top spot and best country to fly fish for Marble Trout so don't miss your opportunity to check out fishing for these beauties.

Fishing on Lake Como & The Valtellina

In Valtellina, (A Valley in Northern Italy renowned for its superb fishing, quality, and variety of water and food) the UPS, the governing body that takes care of the waters in the Valtellina have been doing a superb job. They have been busy caring for the rivers, clearing paths, stocking the waters with trout, and generally dedicating themselves to the preservation of our waters.

This fishing opportunity will hopefully last for a little while longer into the tourist season, a season that at the moment does still seem far away. We hope that everyone can enjoy the spectacular fishing that has been going on.

Admirably, and strangely thanks to the lockdown a lot of anglers have been taking extra precautions both with themselves and with the health of the fish. This is because a lot of Facebook & Social media groups during lockdown have been having getting everyone ready with live sessions. Special live talks with river entomologists, Professional Anglers, Guides, and many more who have done a superb job at explaining the doos and don't of releasing the fish back home and the personal safety of each and every angler once lockdown is over.

Fishing in Northern Italy's Adda River

Fortunately, the Adda River was match fit on the days of the reopening, and thanks to the efforts of UPS, and everyone who stayed home the rivers were in perfect shape. A fantastic amount of fish where caught and released. Not only in the Adda, but the Mallero has also been performing. We saw some superb Marble Trout being caught on fat streamers pretty much everywhere. The Grayling population seems to have thrived and the Brown trout seem as aggressive as ever.

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel well perhaps as soon as the borders open you should check out the Valtellina, ValSesia, and Trentino...

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